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PhD Research Proposal Topics for Mobile Ad Hoc Network

PhD Research Proposal Topics for Mobile Ad Hoc Network

The Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of wireless mobile devices that established communication by forming a self-organized infrastructure. The MANETs can easily implement in any domain without necessitating administration. The MANETs perform routing activity in a single or multi-hop fashion without any predefined infrastructure. There are several MANET routing protocols designed to support MANET routing. The routing protocols discover efficient routes among the communicating devices. The mobile nodes in MANET have freely moved any direction over the network area, and they formed a temporary self-organized communication structure without the help of an administrator. The routes in MANET are frequently disconnected due to some factors that are node mobility, constrained energy, limited bandwidth, and network partitions. Therefore, the MANET requires efficient routing methods to transmit the data among mobile devices with high quality.