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PhD Research Proposal Topics for Social Networks

PhD Research Proposal Topics for Social Networks

Over the past decades, Social network enables the users to share the resources and services to others, establishing the relationship within the social network. The Social network offers the sharing of a virtualized resource, supported by the infrastructure of different trust levels based on the group abstraction. Also, the social network facilitates trading using both social and economic protocols. Consequently, the members in the social network tend to be the member of multiple Social networks. The structure and information stored in the social network greatly assist the development of numerous real-time applications such as advertising, recommendation, opinion extraction, fake news detection, suicide prevention, terrorism detection, trending topic detection, etc. With the rapid explosion of social networks, the demand for the social information-based recommender system has been increased. Even though the social recommender systems have employed different data mining methods, determining the relevant and desired items to the social users at the right time and in the right context is still a challenging task for the recommender approaches over the existence of diverse aspects of each user. Although, Social network encounters many challenges, which are discussed as follows. Social network often deals with the unauthorized access, service disruption and modification, which leads the security and trust issues. Ensuring reliable information is a challenging task in the social network due to the ease of access and rapid generation of data from anyone in the social network.