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Trending Literature Survey Topics in Social Networks

Trending Literature Survey Topics in Social Networks

   With the advent of the internet, millions of people utilize social networks and generate vast text content through different social networking sites. This facilitates individuals for communications via messaging, chatting, audio, video conferencing, and also sharing of content around the world. This enormous amount of unstructured user-generated content consists of opinions about any topic or event, interests, and many others.
   Recently, Social networks have been experienced an unparalleled growth rate and attracted considerable attention from researchers in various domains. Though, extracting the potential insights from unstructured information in social networks is very challenging. There are numerous approaches for social network analysis, and existing literature survey papers focus on the social network topology or the communications between individuals and also it reviews the current state-of-art on key challenges in online social networks such as data gathering techniques, heterogeneity, scalability. This list aims to provide recent and representative works in social network data analysis based on emerging technologies.

List of Latest Topics for Literature Survey in Social Networks