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PhD Research Proposal Topics for Digital Forensics

PhD Research Proposal Topics for Digital Forensics

In the field of digital forensics, forensic readiness plays a vital role in improving forensic investigation performance and maximizing the potential of an organization. The digital forensic readiness process involves several primary steps such as planning the incident response, training the forensic tool to handle the investigation, accelerating the investigation, preventing anonymous activities, and protecting the evidence. The digital forensic identification and collection are two primary investigation steps. The forensic identification process includes incident identification in terms of finding the malicious activity and evidence identification in terms of finding the digital evidence against the malicious activity. The digital forensic collection process involves acquiring the digital information relevant to the investigation from the suspected sources. Digital forensics examination and analysis are the most significant investigation phases in facilitating further forensic investigation process. The examination phase is the in-depth search of the evidence pertaining to the crime incident being investigated. With the subsequence of the examination phase, the analysis phase provides the conclusions about the acquired and examined evidence for the investigation. The research advancements in Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing Mobile Cloud Computing, Social Networks, and Big Data are the potential areas for DF research. These technologies significantly out spaced forensic development, and the law enforcement must prove the crime committed if it is related to these research areas.