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Leading SCIE and SCOPUS Indexed Journals in Digital Forensics

Leading SCIE and SCOPUS Indexed Journals in Digital Forensics

Leading SCIE and SCOPUS Indexed Journals in Digital Forensics

   Digital forensics is a digital practice for investigating criminal activities launched with the help of advanced technology. This subject covers a broad spectrum of research areas related to digital evidence against cybercrime over the network, cloud computing environment and applications, mobile computing applications, and cyber security threats. It aims to retrieve, recover, investigate, examine and analyze material found in digital devices.
   All forensic disciplines are dependent upon the tools, Internet analysis tools, email analysis tools, mobile devices analysis tools, network forensics tools, and database forensics tools used in the field of software for analyzing the investigations. Numerous Journals cover broad subjects area of digital forensics related to crime and security throughout the computerized world, and this complete list provides high impact factor journals publishing leading articles with cite score, citation analysis, scientific journal rank (SJR), and H-Index.

General Scope and Topics Coverage of Digital Forensics Journals

  • Digital Forensic Tools - Statistical Tools and Techniques for Digital Forensics - Digital Forensic Identification and Acquisition Tools - Digital Examination and Analysis Tools - Forensic Investigation Process - Digital Forensics Investigation Process Models - Digital Forensic Readiness
  • Digital Forensic Identification and Collection - Digital Forensic Examination and Analysis - Forensic Standardization - ISO and NIST Standards for Digital Forensics - Quality and Legal Standards for Digital Forensics - Criminal Pattern Detection using Data Mining
  • Criminal Analysis and Prediction using Machine Learning - Criminal Network Analysis using Machine Learning - Financial Crime Detection - Dynamic Malware Analysis - Android Malware Analysis - Evidence Identification and Acquisition in Network Forensics - Network Forensic Examination and Analysis
  • Mobile Device Forensics - Mobile Forensic Readiness Model - Mobile Device Evidence Extraction - Mobile Device Forensic Tools - Smartphone Forensic Analysis - Smartphone Memory Forensics - Social Media Forensics for Android Device - Evidence Triaging for Mobile Forensics - Examination and Analysis in Mobile Forensics
  • Data Integrity-Assured Mobile Forensics - Cloud Forensics - Cloud Forensics Investigation Framework - Evidence Acquisition in Cloud Forensics - Cloud Forensic Tools - Cloud Storage Forensics - Cloud Forensic Readiness Model - Privacy-Preserving Cloud Forensics Model
  • Virtual Machine Introspection for Cloud Forensics - Logging and Log Synchronization for Cloud Forensics - Cloud Forensic Examination and Analysis - Secure and Provenance based Cloud Forensics - Legal Implications in Cloud Forensics -Mobile Cloud Forensics -Tools for Mobile Cloud Forensics
  • Examination and Analysis in Mobile Cloud Forensics - Machine Learning-assisted Evidence Identification in Mobile Cloud - Cloud-based Mobile Application Forensics - Mobile Cloud Forensic Process Models - Machine Learning Techniques for Examination and Analysis in Mobile Cloud Forensics
  • Big Data Forensic Analysis - Proactive Big Data Analytics for Digital Forensics - Big Data Management for Logs in Digital Forensics - IoT Forensics - Digital Evidence Identification and Acquisition in IoT -Privacy-Preserving IoT Forensics - IoT Forensic Readiness
  • Digital Evidence Analysis and Correlation in IoT - IoT Application-specific Forensics - Digital Forensics in Multimedia - Source of Evidence Identification in Multimedia - Multimedia Data Recovery for Digital Forensics - Steganalysis for Multimedia Forensics - Environment Classification for Multimedia Forensics

List of High Impact Factor Digital Forensics Journals