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Latest Research Papers in Digital Forensics

Latest Research Papers in Digital Forensics

Trending Digital Forensics Research Papers

Digital forensics is a study of forensic science that deals with the analysis of digital crime events. It is the process of Investigation, identification, examination, analysis, and documentation of material found in digital devices. The term digital forensics was originally used for computer forensics, and it has been expanded to cover the investigation of many devices capable of storing digital data.

The technical aspect of digital crime investigation is categorized into several sub-branches of digital devices involved; forensic data analysis, computer forensics, network forensics, and mobile device forensics. Digital forensics investigation is not restricted to retrieving data from the computer, as criminals breach laws and small digital devices are now extensively used.

Digital forensic analysis and investigation is applied to various digital devices. They are as 1. Computer forensics, 2. Mobile device forensics, 3. Network forensics, 4. Forensic data analysis, 5. Database forensics, and 6. IoT Forensics. Digital forensics is commonly used for criminal law and private investigation. One major limitation of a forensic investigation is encryption, which e disrupts the initial examination where pertinent evidence might be located using keywords.

List of Latest Research Papers Topics in Digital Forensics