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Research Topics in Blockchain Technology for Industry-4.0 Applications

Blockchain Technology for Industry-4.0 Applications Research Topics

PhD Research and Thesis Topics in Blockchain Technology for Industry-4.0 Applications

  The industry 4.0 applications create revolutions in manufacturing of the companies and widely distribute the products of such companies using diverse technologies like the internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence techniques, and blockchain.
  The high transparency, interoperability, distributed nature, and decentralization motivate industry 4.0 to innovate novel products and services. Most industrial 4.0 needs a cyber-physical manufacturing strategy for many industries. The traditional industries have to make massive changes in their products and services due to the modern lifestyles of humans.
  The prime industrial 4.0 principles are as follows.
   •  Virtualization
   •  Decentralization
   •  Interoperability
   •  Real-time capability
   •  Modularity
   •  Service Orientation
  The innate structure of industrial 4.0 poses many security challenges, and the blockchain technology enables distributed decentralized, immutable structure to the industrial 4.0 applications for secure interactions and transactions. Moreover, the evolution of blockchain technology plays a significant role in industry 4.0 transformation.

Research Topics

  • Opportunities of industrial 4.0 owing to the blockchain decentralization
  • Security of industrial 4.0 through blockchain
  • Adopting the blockchain model for various industrial 4.0 services