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Research Topics in Blockchain Security for Smart City

Blockchain Security for Smart City Research Topics

PhD Research Topics in Blockchain Security for Smart City

  The smart city is a technological transformation solution that alleviates numerous challenges related to modern city development. It is a wide concept and mainly focuses on improving urban lifestyles by deploying various information and communication technologies to monitor the high-density environment.
  The fundamental activities of smart cities are,
   •  Situational awareness sharing
   •  Communication
   •  Intelligence
  Smart city applications alert humans by continuously monitoring the activities of smart appliances and forwarding the data through communication technologies. The heterogeneous nature and resource-limited devices in smart city environments are vulnerable to several types of attacks. Maintaining a secure smart city infrastructure is crucial to protect humans from hazardous situations.
  A proliferated technology blockchain has the ability to improve the efficiency of smart cities, especially in the security aspect. Some blockchain security for smart cities:
   •  Protect the private information of citizens
   •  Secure e-voting systems
   •  Secure notary services
   •  Secure fast and real-time transactions
   •  Secure digital identification
  The challenges of adopting blockchain security in smart cities are,
   •  Legislation
   •  Privacy maintenance
   •  Blockchain model acceptance
   •  Accomplishing robust blockchain architecture

Research Topics

  • Distributing the smart city data securely using blockchain
  • Identifying device tampering using blockchain in smart cities
  • Establish blockchain-based secure communications in smart cities