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Research Topics in Blockchain Technology for Industrial IoT

Blockchain technology for Industrial IoT Research Topics

Research and Thesis Topics in Blockchain Technology for Industrial IoT

  The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is defined as the technology that utilizes the IoT in various industries to enhance the products efficiency. The IoT assists the industries in different ways that are,
   •  Improving the data collection
   •  Maximizing the cooperation between machines
   •  Optimizing the hardware monitoring and maintenance process
   •  Quality control
   •  Energy management
   •  Traceability of supply chains
   •  Reduces the entire system cost.
  The great benefit of connecting everything through the internet in industries increases productivity efficacy. However, the heterogeneous and resource-limited nature of IoT devices poses numerous challenges, and security is the major concern in such industries. By offering a decentralized ledger and immutable storage blocks, the blockchain assists the industrial IoT in improving the efficiency of products with high security. The blockchain is adopted for various application sectors that are as follows.
   •  Health sector
   •  Supply chain management
   •  Data storage and management in various industries

Research Topics

  • Adoption of blockchain technology in various types of industrial services
  • Impact of blockchain in different industrial IoT
  • Industrial automation using a secure blockchain model