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Adoption of Blockchain With 5G Networks for Industrial IoT: Recent Advances, Challenges, and Potential Solutions - 2021

Adoption Of Blockchain With 5g Networks For Industrial IoT: Recent Advances, Challenges, And Potential Solutions

Research Area:  Blockchain Technology


It has been proven that Internet of Things (IoT) platforms can improve the performance and efficiency of a wide range of processes. With the acceptance of IoT as a major part of the technology of Industry 4.0, the notion of leveraging the Internet in industries to enable automation and reconfigure existing industrial processes has greatly evolved. By introducing smart technology and intelligent processes, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is committed to bringing high operational efficiency, enhanced productivity, and effective management to industrial assets. Despite this, the reliance of IIoT on central architecture presents numerous challenges, including the security and maintenance of smart devices, privacy issues owing to third-party participation, and massive computations conducted by a central entity, all of which prevent its widespread adoption in businesses. Emerging blockchain technologies have the potential to transform IIoT platforms and applications. A distributed and decentralized approach followed by blockchain might offer interesting solutions to the challenges raised by IIoT. Furthermore, 5G networks are expected to deliver excellent solutions to meet the demands of decentralized systems, with a focus on application-specific vulnerabilities. Blockchain and IIoT, enabled by 5G, is a viable option to fully explore the potential of contemporary industry. In this context, this article analyzes and examines recent achievements to highlight the major obstacles in blockchain–IIoT convergence and presents a framework for potential solutions. A well-organized literature review by analyzing the existing work in three primary areas: blockchain consensus algorithms used in existing IoT and IIoT applications, blockchain for 5G-enabled IoT networks, and blockchain in industry have been performed, with major findings summarized in each area. Directions for the future are also provided and intend to assist researchers in understanding the full potential of these innovations.


Author(s) Name:   Manpreet Kaur; Mohammad Zubair Khan; Shikha Gupta; Abdullah Alsaeedi

Journal name:  IEEE Access

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  IEEE

DOI:  10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3138754

Volume Information:  ( Volume: 10) Page(s): 981 - 997