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Research Topics in Privacy Leakage Issue in Blockchain Technology

Privacy Leakage Issue in Blockchain Technology Research Topics

PhD Research Topics for Privacy Leakage Issue in Blockchain Technology

  The blockchain models are broadly classified into public and private. In the private blockchain model, authorized persons only view the transactions stored in blocks, whereas all entities can view the blocks anywhere in the public blockchain and the public blockchain transactions are open and transparent.
  Thus, it meets the privacy-related issues when compared with a private blockchain. Blockchain technology is mainly exploited in large organizations in which private data of diverse users are stored in a single entity, and thus, it leads to hacking, misusing, and lost activities.
  Transparency, private keys, and decentralization are the major concerns of blockchain privacy. Moreover, blockchain security necessarily satisfies the privacy requirements of users in large corporations.
  Use cases that necessitate privacy-ensured blockchain are as follows.
   •  Transactions of financial
   •  Maintenance of healthcare industry records
   •  Legal activity maintenance

Research Topics

  • Analyzing the blockchain privacy issues
  • Improving the privacy of various users in large organizations