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Research Topics in Blockchain Interoperability

Blockchain Interoperability Research Topics

PhD Thesis Topics in Blockchain Interoperability

   Blockchain interoperability is called wider techniques that permit various blockchains for collaborative performance, such as listening to data, sharing digital assets, and transferring the data. The breakthrough blockchain model is essential for miners and investors. Blockchain interoperability makes the application process more productive and increases the efficiency of the network. Blockchain interoperability enhances the process of data management and enables intermediate transactions among two networks. Blockchain interoperability is worked by exploiting the transaction technologies of cross-chain.
Advantages of Blockchain Interoperability:
  • Enhancing the blockchain technology efficiency
  • Increases the emergence of future projects
  • Ease the cross-chain transactions
  • Ensuring the privacy and security
Disadvantages of Blockchain Interoperability:
  • It is not possible to reverse the blockchain operations
  • It is very tedious to perform interoperability among heterogeneous networks
  • Highly restricted