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Research Topics in Blockchain Security for Edge Computing

Blockchain Security for Edge Computing Research Topics

PhD Research and Thesis Topics in Blockchain Security for Edge Computing

  Edge computing takes the cloud computing services proximity to the data generated like mobile devices, smart homes, and sensors by executing some data computation operations at edge servers. The edge computing paradigm minimizes the delay and response time of low latency applications without impacting the performance. Thus, it significantly minimizes the workload of cloud servers. The edge computing-based applications are,
   •  Autonomous cars
   •  Smart homes
   •  Smart grids
   •  Smart cities
  The most prominent security functions of edge computing are secrecy of users and guarantee of data confidentiality. The indispensable key features of blockchain which are used to solve the edge computing issues and challenges are as follows.
   •  Secure device addressing
   •  Secure communication
   •  Reliability
   •  Managing access and identity
   •  Validation
   •  Authorization
   •  Data confidentiality
   •  Secure software Distribution
   •  Data integrity and authentication
   •  Self-governance

Research Topics

  • Edge enabled blockchain-assisted secure communication for the different application environment
  • Impact of adopting blockchain with edge computing
  • Opportunities of integrating blockchain for edge computing security