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Research Topics for Security and Privacy in Blockchain Technology

Security and Privacy in Blockchain Technology Research Topics

Security and Privacy in Blockchain Technology for Masters and PhD Research Topics

   Security and privacy are two significant challenges in blockchain-based systems. Blockchain technology has some fundamental security properties from implementing cryptography and bitcoin solutions. Blockchain technology satisfies the security requirements like availability, integrity, consistency, pseudonymity, anonymity, and double-spending prevention. However, the breakthroughs in blockchain systems motivate the miners and investors to develop various financial and non-financial application services. The security requirements of diverse applications are also different. Hence, satisfying the application-specific security and privacy needs is crucial in accomplishing a successful blockchain deployment. The additional security requirements that need to be developed for blockchain technology are as follows.
  • Unlinkability
  • Confidentiality of Transactions
  • Data Privacy

Some Security and Privacy Methods Designed for Blockchain:

  • Mixing
    • Mixcoin
    • Coinjoin
  • Anonymous Signatures
    • Group Signature
    • Ring Signature
  • Homomorphic Encryption
  • Attribute-based Encryption
  • Secure Multi-party Computation
  • Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge (NIZK) Proof
  • Game-based Smart Contracts
  • Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) based Smart Contracts