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Research Topics in Attacks against Blockchain Integrity

Attacks against Blockchain Integrity Research Topics

Great Research Topics in Attacks against Blockchain Integrity

The term data integrity defines the trustworthiness and reliability of blockchain data. The immutable blockchain characteristics ensure data integrity. Therefore, blockchain technology is used in many application areas such as intelligent transportation, cloud-based networks, and the internet of things to provide security against integrity attacks. The fundamental design of blockchain technology is inherently resistant to data modification. The ledgers of blockchain technology are immutable. The blockchain allows adding or deleting the blocks from the chain, whereas it cannot be revised or edited the data in the blocks. Blockchain-based integrity attacks against cloud auditing are as follows.
   •  Recovery attack
   •  Forge Attack
   •  Replacement Attack
   •  Replay Attack
   •  Collusion Attack
The blockchain-based data integrity auditing defense schemes are described as follows.
   •  Tag-based Methods
     •  Static
     •  Dynamic
   •  Signature-Based Homomorphic Schemes
     •  RSA based
     •  ID-based
     •  Short Signature-based