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Research Topics on Blockchain Data Analytics

Blockchain Data Analytics

Masters Thesis Topics in Blockchain Data Analytics

  Blockchain data analytics is the examination of data of massive datasets and the extraction of essential patterns from the examination. The data traffic generated from various heterogeneous devices is increased daily and increases the interest in blockchain data analytics. Business models and industries have transformed in different aspects with the advent of blockchain data analytic models. The blockchain data analytic models are classified into four major types, which are as follows.
   •  Descriptive
   •  Diagnostic
   •  Predictive
   •  Prescriptive
  The major advantages of blockchain data analytic models are described as follows.
   •  Examination of Real-time Massive Data
   •  Ensuring Data Accuracy
   •  Smooth Data Transactions with less complexity
   •  Higher Level of Data Integrity
   •  High Traceability
   •  Predictive Analysis Empowering
   •  Supply Chain Item Tracking
   •  Supercharging Business Models
   •  Efficient Data Exchange Management