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Research Topics in Blockchain-based IoT supply chain management

Blockchain-based IoT supply chain management

Masters and PhD Research Topics in Blockchain-based IoT supply chain management

The Internet of things (IoT) transforms manual workflows into digitalization and facilitates novel smart applications. However, the IoT faces numerous challenges to scalability with decentralization, autonomy, identity, security, reliability, heterogeneous service markets, and secure code alignments, which need to be explored efficiently to enjoy the seamless benefits of the current IoT system. The reliable and traceable characteristics of blockchain can empower the IoT, and it has enormous potential to create major revolutions in the IoT. Among different kinds of IoT applications, the supply chain plays a crucial role in every part of human life. Fraudulent and fake food deliveries lead to human life damage; hence, improving food products safety, quality, and traceability with efficient electronic food networks is essential. The blockchain-IoT supplier technology has the potential to satisfy the demands of supply food chain management systems. Moreover, a modern Blockchain-based IoT supply chain traceability and connectivity system need to design to focus on safety problems in current electronic food networks efficiently.