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Research Topics on Blockchain Gaming and Its Security

Blockchain Gaming and Its Security Research Topics

Research and Thesis Topics in Blockchain Gaming and Its Security

 The blockchain gaming model allows the players to earn assets in a decentralized gaming system and utilize their assets across various gaming industries. It gives the players to take complete ownership over their crypto assets that are earned through gaming participation. The game-winning models utilize micropayments for the game players. Integrating blockchain with the gaming industry flourishes with several products related to gaming, virtual realities, gaming tournaments, and video content preparations. The advantages of blockchain gaming models are described as follows.
  •  Asset Ownership
  •  Reward Interactions for Video Gaming
  •  Construction of Credibility and Accountability
  •  Faster Payments
  •  Transparency
  •  High Security
  •  Innovation of Novel Games
  •  Asset Scarcity Management
  •  Democratization
 Albeit the blockchain gaming models offer seamless benefits to the gaming industry, it has to have vulnerable to different attacks that are classified under two categories such as,
  •  Web Related Attacks
   •  Cookie Replay
   •  Injection
   •  Cross-site scripting(XSS)
   •  Broken Authentication
  •  Smart Contract-Related Attacks
   •  Overflow and Underflow
   •  TX Origin
   •  Predictable Variable
   •  Denial of Service
   •  Re-Entrancy