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Research Topics in Artificial Intelligence for Blockchain-based Applications

Artificial Intelligence for Blockchain-based Applications Research Topics

PhD Research Topics in Artificial Intelligence for Blockchain-based Applications

  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a significant branch of computer science that provides enormous benefits when integrating the blockchain model. Artificial intelligence is the process of simulating human intelligence through machines.
  The AI has the potential to apply in wider application settings ranging from autonomous cars to healthcare monitoring systems. Integrating AI with blockchain enhances the security performance level compared to blockchain-based models. Huge sized training datasets are required to mine the AI technology successfully. The AI identifies diverse behavior patterns from the data and creates novel scenarios for misbehavior detection.
  The blockchain model verifies the novel patterns of the AI model through its decentralized nature and immutable blocks. The AI with blockchain offers enormous benefits, which are listed as follows.
   •  Enhanced data models for business environments
   •  Globalized verification strategies
   •  Smarter retail
   •  Intelligence finance services
   •  Audit innovation and compliance systems
   •  Improve the transparency in governance
   •  Smarter predictive analysis
   •  Property rights of digital intellectual
  Other technical enhancements of AI with blockchain are,
   •  Double-shield security
   •  Enhance the efficiency
   •  Improving the trust
   •  Accomplishing better management services
   •  Ensuring privacy
   •  Managing the storage

Research Topics

  • Challenges of integrating AI with blockchain technology
  • Impact of AI with blockchain on different fields