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Research Topics for Performance Issues in Blockchain Technology

Performance Issues in Blockchain Technology Research Topics

Research and Thesis Topics in Blockchain Technology for Performance Issues

  A distributed ledger technology, referred to as blockchain, receives high attention in a real-time business environment owing to the immutable block nature and digital payment systems. The performance of blockchain technology depends on many factors. Generally, the efficiency of blockchain technology is evaluated based on the average time taken to perform the transactions and record the transaction in the storage of an entity. Blockchain technology exploits the block counts over a specific period to measure its performance. The factors that significantly contribute to blockchain performance improvement are as follows.
   • Entity Infrastructure
   • Network Density
   • Consensus Mechanism
   • Network Latency
   • The complexity of smart contracts
   • Payload Size of the Transactions
   • Queuing of Transaction
   • Storage Capacity of Nodes
  Further, the blockchain performance needs to be improved by considering the following concerns.
   • Human Error
   • Transaction Charges
   • Level of Application Complexity
   • Size of the blockchain network
   • Security Flaws