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Research Topics on Decentralized Finance Technology - DeFi

Research Topics on Decentralized Finance Technology - DeFi

Masters Thesis Topics in Decentralized Finance Technology - DeFi

  DeFi is an emerging decentralized finance technology in which transactions are performed without the participation of central authorities and intermediaries. It is powered by cryptocurrency and blockchain models. Synthetics (SNX) and AAVE are some examples of blockchain DeFi models. A key active ingredient of DeFi mix with blockchain technology is smart contracts. Smart contracts are used to define the terms and conditions in agreement form and run the contracts automatically during transactions. General services offered by DeFi are as follows.
   •  Loans
   •  Trades
   •  Investments
   •  Insurance
   •  Asset Management
  Some of the benefits of DeFi are as follows.
   •  Real-Time Transactions
   •  Inclusive and Permissionless
   •  Transparent Transactions
   •  Asset Custody Retaining
   •  Highly Programmable Smart Contracts
   •  Tamper-proofing
   •  Auditing