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Research Topics in Blockchain Security for Smart Grid

Blockchain Security for Smart Grid Research Topics

PhD Thesis Topics in Blockchain Security for Smart Grid

  Smart grids play an ultimate role in building a modern and sustainable society. It integrates numerous smart energy devices through the Internet and enhances the efficiency of renewable energy resources. It enables two-way communications among the consumers and providers to efficiently deliver and manage green energy resources.
  However, security is a major concern of smart grid networks in which large connections are accomplished through centralized servers. The blockchain model promotes the smart grid technology into a decentralized distributed model with high security. Through the blockchain model, the smart grid accomplishes the following facilities that are,
   •  Decentralization
   •  High Scalability
   •  Creating a trustless but secure environment
   •  Immutability
   •  High transparency and audit ability
   •  Deployment of secure scripts
   •  Automaticity
  Different use cases of blockchain technology in smart grids are as follows.
   •  Peer to Peer Trading infrastructure
   •  Smart Metering Networks
   •  Power Generation and Distribution
   •  Smart Grid Equipment Maintenance
   •  Energy Trading in electric vehicles

Research Topics:

 •  Securing the smart grid communication using blockchain
 •  Adoption of blockchain for smart grids
 •  Smart grid structure improvement using blockchain
 •  Consensus mechanism design for blockchain-enabled smart grids