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Research Topics in Blockchain Technology for Internet of Vehicles

Blockchain Technology for Internet of Vehicles Research Topics

Masters Thesis Topics in Blockchain Technology for Internet of Vehicles

  The Internet of Vehicles (IoV) connects smart vehicles to intelligent transportation systems through the internet. The IoVs transform the existing vehicular networks by bringing novel technologies into them.
  The IoV faces many issues that are centralized server authentication, security, privacy, and scalability. Blockchain technology is a promising way to solve the issues associated with IoV transformation. Blockchain technology is used to create and distribute decentralized, secure databases for the IoVs by recording the immutable communications and transactions of IoVs.
  The blockchain with IoV offers credit support to handle the core information of IoVs. Thus, it provides a low-cost, highly secure, and transparent environment to the IoVs. Some of the blockchain features that majorly help to solve the issues of IoVs are as follows.
   •  Decentralization
   •  Reliable database maintenance
   •  Transparency
   •  Collective maintenance
   •  Automation
  The blockchain-based IoV security is listed as follows.
   •  Access control
   •  Validation of messages
   •  Trust management
   •  Managing the certificates
   •  Handling massive IoV data
   •  IoV data monetization
   •  Preserving privacy
   •  Secure IoV architecture revising
Research Topics

  • Revising the IoV architecture using blockchain decentralization
  • Securing the IoV using immutable blockchain technology
  • Increase scalability of IoV through blockchain