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Leading SCIE and SCOPUS Indexed Journals in Internet of Things (IoT) with Impact Factor

Leading SCIE and SCOPUS Indexed Journals in Internet of Things with Impact Factor

Leading SCIE and SCOPUS Indexed Journals in Internet of Things (IoT) with Impact Factor

  • Internet of things (IoT) is an emerging communication technology that changes human lives significantly. This list provides good Impact factor Journals in the IoT.

  • IoT technology is progressing rapidly and is committed to providing researchers and other professionals the information and tools to stay abreast.

  • This list aims to be the premier source of peer-reviewed IoT journals and top-ranking IoT Journals. It also provides top-rank journals in IoT from leading publishers in the research field with high impact factor, Cite Score, Scientific Journal Rank (SJR), and H-Index.

  • IoT journals provide a journal-quality evaluation and review of IoT-based computer applications and enabling technologies.

  • General Scope and Topics Coverage of Internet of Things Journals

    • IOT Enabling Technologies - IoT communication and networking protocols - IoT Network Architectures - IoT Standardization - Service-oriented IoT Architecture - Middleware Technologies for IoT - IoT Application Programming Interface - MAC Protocols for IoT - Routing Protocols for Internet of Things
    • Mobility-aware RPL for Mobile Internet of Things - Design and Analysis of RPL Objective Functions - Performance of RPL Routing Protocol for Internet of Things - Scalability of RPL Routing for IoT - Securing RPL Routing Protocol in IoT - Routing Attacks and defense Mechanisms for RPL Routing Protocol
    • Trust based Mechanism for RPL Routing Protocol - Game-Theoretic Approach for Attack Detection for RPL Routing Protocol - Application Layer Protocols for IOT - Congesion Control Mechanisms in COAP Protocol - DTLS Security for COAP Protocol - Security Mechanisms for COAP Protocol
    • Lightweight Cryptography for COAP Protocol - Lightweight Authentication for COAP Protocol- Design and Analysis of MQTT Protocol - Security Mechanisms for MQTT Protocol - Lightweight Cryptography for MQTT Protocol - Lightweight Authentication for MQTT Protocol - Data Access Control Framework for IoT
    • DDoS Attack Detection in Internet of Things - Identity-based Encryption in Internet of Things - Lightweight Authentication for Internet of Things - Ultra-Low-Power Sensing Framework for Internet of Things - Industrial Internet of Things - Intrusion Detection in Industrial Internet of Things
    • Secure Fault Diagnosis in Industrial Internet of Things - Lightweight Trust Management in Industrial Internet of Things - Edge Computing for Industrial Internet of Things - 6TiSCH Communication Architecture in Industrial Internet of Things - Big Data Management for IoT - Internet of Vehicles
    • Internet of Everything - Federated learning for IoT - Internet of Electric Vehicles - Internet of Medical Things - Satellite IoT - IoT Cybersecurity - QoS in IOT - IoT Semantics - IoT Future Internet Design - IoT Enabled Business Models - Context-Aware Computing for IoT
    • IoT with Next Generation Wireless Systems - IoT with Edge Computing - IoT with Fog Computing - IoT with Blockchain Technology - IoT with Wireless Sensor Networks - Internet of Underwater Things - IoT Smart Home - IoT Smart City - IoT Smart Building - IoT Smart Environment - IoT Smart Transportation
    • IoT Smart Agriculture - IoT Smart Healthcare - Privacy Preservation in IoT - Privacy Preserving Data Collection in Internet of Things - Deep Learning-based Security in Internet of Things - Deep Reinforcement Learning for Internet of Things
    • Machine Learning for the Detection and Identification of Attacks in the Internet of Things - Deep Learning-based Attack Detection for RPL Routing Protocol - Deep Learning based Intelligent Intrusion Detection for Internet of Things
    • Deep Learning Models for DDoS Attack Detection in IoT Networks - Lightweight and Trusted Sharing Mechanism for IoT Data - Access Control and Data Sharing in IoT - Predictive Maintenance for Effective Resource Management in Industrial IoT - Internet of Multimedia Things

    List of High Impact Factor Journals for Internet of Things