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IEEE Network | 2023 Impact Factor:9.3 | Cite Score:19.9 | Q1

IEEE Network Journal

Impact Factor and Journal Rank of IEEE Network


IEEE Network is a highly regarded peer-reviewed journal published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). The journal focuses on the latest developments, trends, and research in network and communication technologies. It serves as a vital resource for researchers, engineers, practitioners, and policymakers interested in networking and telecommunications.

Content: Detailed studies presenting new theories, methodologies, and empirical findings in network and communication technologies. Comprehensive surveys and reviews summarizing the current state-of-the-art, emerging trends, and future directions in specific areas of networking.

Audience: Scholars and scientists conducting fundamental and applied research in networking, telecommunications, and related fields. Networking professionals, engineers, and IT specialists involved in the design, implementation, and management of network infrastructures.

Interdisciplinary Approach: The journal embraces an interdisciplinary approach, integrating insights and methodologies from fields such as electrical engineering, computer science, and information technology to address complex networking challenges.

High Standards and Impact: IEEE Network maintains rigorous standards of quality through a thorough peer-review process conducted by experts in the field. It is recognized for its high impact and influence, with articles frequently cited by researchers and practitioners.

Global Reach: The journal attracts contributions from researchers and institutions worldwide, ensuring a diverse range of topics, methodologies, and perspectives that make it a valuable resource for the global networking community.

Significance: The journal advances the field of network and communication technologies by publishing cutting-edge research and innovative methodologies that address key challenges and opportunities.By disseminating best practices, case studies, and practical insights, the journal informs industry practice and helps organizations effectively leverage network technologies for strategic and operational benefits.

Journal Home:  Journal Homepage

Editor-in-Chief:  Chonggang Wang

scope: IEEE Network is a well-regarded journal that focuses on the broad area of network systems and telecommunications. It publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed articles that cover the design, implementation, operation, and management of communication networks. The scope of the journal encompasses a wide range of topics related to network technologies, architectures, protocols, and applications.

Here are the key areas covered by the scope of IEEE Network:

Network Architectures and Protocols: Research on new and innovative network architectures and communication protocols. This includes studies on layered architectures, protocol design, protocol optimization, and protocol performance evaluation.

Wireless and Mobile Networks: Studies on wireless communication technologies and mobile networking. This includes research on cellular networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ad hoc networks, sensor networks, and vehicular networks.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication: Research on the networking aspects of IoT and M2M communication. This includes studies on IoT network architectures, communication protocols, data management, and IoT security.

Network Security and Privacy: Research on techniques and mechanisms for ensuring network security and protecting user privacy. This includes studies on cryptographic protocols, intrusion detection systems, secure communication protocols, and privacy-preserving mechanisms.

Network Management and Operations: Studies on the management and operational aspects of communication networks. This includes research on network monitoring, fault management, configuration management, performance management, and network automation.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV): Research on the concepts, architectures, and applications of SDN and NFV. This includes studies on SDN controllers, network programmability, virtualized network functions, and orchestration frameworks.

Cloud and Edge Computing: Research on the networking aspects of cloud computing and edge computing. This includes studies on data center networking, edge network architectures, distributed computing, and cloud-edge integration.

5G and Beyond: Studies on the design, deployment, and operation of 5G networks and future generations of mobile communication systems. This includes research on 5G network architectures, radio access technologies, spectrum management, and 5G applications.

Print ISSN:  0890-8044

Electronic ISSN:  1558-156X

Abstracting and Indexing:  Science Citation Index Expanded. Scopus.

Imapct Factor 2023:  9.3

Subject Area and Category:  Computer Sciences, Library and Information Science, Electronics and Telecommunications

Publication Frequency:  Bimonthly

H Index:  151

Best Quartile:

Q1:  Computer Networks and Communications




Cite Score:  19.9

SNIP:  2.520

Journal Rank(SJR):  4.266

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Guidelines for Authors: IEEE Network Author Guidelines

Publisher:  IEEE Communications Society

Country:  United States