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Leading SCIE and SCOPUS Indexed Journals in Fog Computing

   Fog computing delivers a rich portfolio of new services and applications at the edge of the network. It is the decentralization of computer infrastructure between the devices that produce the actual data and the cloud. The main features of fog computing include the location of edge, low latency, mobility support, real-time services, good interactions, and heterogeneous nature. Many journals provide a different viewpoint to present fog computing and its real-world applications and research efforts in a clear manner.
   This list aims to provide a complete list of impact factor journals in fog computing that publishes leading articles with high cite score, scientific journal rank (SJR), and H-Index. These journals significantly provide advanced concepts of the understanding of fog computing.

General Scope and Topics Coverage of Fog Computing Journals

  • Computational Offloading in Fog Computing - Scheduling in Fog Computing - Resource Management and Provisioning in Fog Computing - Resource Discovery and Selection in Fog Computing - Resource Monitoring and Allocation in Fog Computing
  • Resource Estimation and Sharing in Fog Computing - Profit-aware Resource Allocation in Fog Computing - Load Balancing and Migration in Fog Computing - Dynamic Load Balancing in Fog Computing - VM Migration for Load Balancing in Fog Computing - VM Selection and Placement in Fog Computing
  • Green Fog Computing - Energy-aware Task Scheduling in Fog Computing - Energy Efficient Resource Provisioning in Fog Computing - Energy-aware Load Balancing in Cloud Computing - Energy-Efficient VM Selection and Placement in Fog Computing
  • Application and Service placement in Fog Computing - Fog Device Virtualization - Cloud-fog Collaborations - Adaptive Fog Computing - Soft Computing Techniques in Fog Computing - Optimization of Task Scheduling in Fog Computing
  • Optimization of Resource Allocation in Fog Computing - Multi-Objective Optimization in Fog Computing - Meta-heuristic based Scheduling and Load Balancing in Fog Computing - QoS-aware Control and Monitoring in Fog Computing
  • IoT Data Processing in Fog Computing - Reliability-aware Fog Computing - Delay-aware Fog Computing - Quality of Experience-based Fog Computing - Context-aware Fog Computing - Mission-Critical Application Execution in Fog Computing
  • Container-based Virtualization in Fog Computing - Proactive Service Discovery using Fog Computing - Security and Privacy in Fog Computing - Resource Scheduling in Edge Computing

List of High Impact Factor Fog Computing Journals