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Leading SCIE and SCOPUS Indexed Journals in Edge Computing

Leading SCIE and SCOPUS Indexed Journals in Edge Computing

   In a highly computational environment, edge computing plays a significant role, particularly edge computing. Edge Computing empowers storage and processing capacity to the edge within the radio access network. It has been widely used in real-time applications because it provides low latency, mobility, and location awareness support to delay-sensitive applications.
   Several leading journals provide useful insights into edge computing innovative research ideas and brings the computing platform close to the data source to improve the performance and speed of data without sending the data to the centralized systems. This list of journals provides the top ranking in the edge computing field from leading publishers and research areas and helps to provide researchers with more insight into the existing solutions and future applications.

General Scope and Topics Coverage of Edge Computing Journals

  • Computation Offloading in Edge computing - Edge Computing Architectures and Frameworks - Edge Computing Service Orchestration - Resource Allocation in Edge Computing - Workload Allocation in Edge Computing
  • Virtualization in Edge Computing - Load Balancing in Edge Computing - Profit-aware Resource Management in Edge Computing - Workload-aware Resource Management in Edge Computing - Quality of Experience-based Edge Computing
  • Resiliency based Edge Computing - Service Continuity-aware Edge Computing - Context-aware Mobility Management in Edge Computing - Distributed Data Aggregation in Edge Computing - Distributed Data Analytics in Edge Computing
  • Cost and Performance-efficient Edge Analytics - Context-aware Stream Data Management in Edge Computing - Real-time Data Analytics in Edge Gateway - Deep Learning for Edge Computing - Agricultural Monitoring and Control in Edge Computing
  • Environmental and Climate Change Monitoring in Edge Computing - Computation Intelligence-based Workload Prediction in Edge Computing - Artificial Intelligence-based Decision Making in Edge Computing
  • Lightweight Security Architecture in Edge Computing - Lightweight Authentication in Distributed Edge Computing - Deep Learning-based Security in Edge Computing - Reliable Edge Data Analytics - Privacy in Edge Computing
  • Federated Learning for Privacy Preservation in Edge Computing - Blockchain-based Privacy Preservation in Edge Computing - Pattern Recognition for Privacy in Edge Computing
  • Privacy-preserving Monitoring in Edge Computing - Intelligent Edge Computing for Internet of Vehicles - Machine Learning Assisted Security and Privacy Provisioning for Edge Computing
  • Deep Learning for Mobile Edge Computing - Federated Learning for Edge Computing - Placement Methods in Edge Computing - Recurrent Neural Networks for Edge Intelligence

List of High Impact Factor Edge Computing Journals