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Latest Research Papers in Edge Computing

Latest Research Papers in Edge Computing

Trending Edge Computing Research Papers

Edge Computing (EC) is a unique and entirely Internet-based approach that provides a small scale and a considerable number of services platform for various Internet-of-Things(IoT) applications. By increasing the complexity of service negotiations and the number of smart devices and real-time user requests, centralized cloud-based solutions cannot guarantee Service Level Agreement (SLA) in the service allocation, composition, and scheduling. So cloud-edge computing can be increased the flexibility of service availability and interoperability on the 5G platform in the IoT environment.

EC technology provides artificial intelligence services for rapidly growing terminal devices and data, making services more stable and close to the source of the data, such as smart terminals. It stores and processes data at the edge of the network. It has proximity location awareness and provides users with near-end services. It can also solve the problem of excessive energy consumption in cloud computing, reduce costs, and reduce the pressure of network bandwidth.

The benefits of edge computing are boosting performance, enhancing privacy protections and data security, reducing operational costs, supporting AI/ML applications, and enhancing reliability and resiliency. EC is applied in various fields, such as production, energy, smart home, and transportation. It is used to migrate the cloud network, storage capabilities, and resources to the edge of the network and provide intelligent services at the edge to meet the critical needs of the IT industry in agile linking, real-time business, data optimization, application intelligence, security and privacy and meets the requirements of low latency and high bandwidth on the network. EC has become a research hotspot nowadays.

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