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PhD Research Guidance in Edge Computing

PhD Research Guidance in Edge Computing

With the numerous endpoints in the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, consolidating and processing the data in a single data center is critical. With the increasing quantity of data generated from the IoT devices, transmitting the data rapidly becomes the bottleneck in the cloud computing environment. Edge computing needs to satisfy the requirements of high resilience and low latency. For example, in the smart transportation system, edge computing responds through the wireless Internet rather than waiting for the response from the cloud. Moreover, edge computing plays a vital role in adjusting the suitable resolution of the images or videos at the edge before uploading to the remote server. Nowadays, different applications use edge computing technology to speed up processing. Augmented and virtual reality, self-driving cars, smart logistics, video surveillance, smart manufacturing, smart environment monitoring, smart healthcare, and smart homes are few potential applications of edge computing.



Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Science, Computer applications, Information Technology and Computer Networks


Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Networks and Information Technology