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Research Topics in IoT with Fog Computing

Research Topics in IoT with Fog Computing

Research and Thesis Topics in IoT with Fog Computing

   Fog computing is defined as a computing strategy that permits a series of nodes to obtain realistic massive IoT data. The series of nodes obtain the data within a millisecond response time and can process the real-time data. Further, the nodes send data analytical information to the cloud. In IoT, fog computing is exploited to transfer the IoT data from a device to the end point by creating low latency communication links. It also minimizes the bandwidth considerably for cloud-based architectures.
   The fog computing is generally used in IoT scenarios that do not require bandwidth for data transmission. Fog computing is employed to only send the selected data of an IoT device to the cloud. Fog computing has high security for transmission when compared with cloud computing. The fog computing minimizes the burden of the cloud server by sending the selected, processed data through a series of nodes. Thus, it optimizes the network bandwidth minimum cost. It also takes the analytics decisions quickly and minimizes the latency. Fog computing can support to high mobility environment owing to the characteristics of wide geographical distribution.