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Research Topics in Internet of Multimedia Things

Research Topics in Internet of Multimedia Things

PhD Research and Thesis Topics in Internet of Multimedia Things

   Internet of Multimedia Things (IoMNT) is defined as interconnected multimedia nano-devices with communication networks and the Internet. In recent years, multimedia traffic is increased significantly day by day, and multimedia devices necessitate high processing power and memory to process the massive traffic. Thus, it motivates to development of novel paradigms in IoMNT. The smart applications related to security, biomedical, defense, and industry mainly apply IoMNT.
   Some IoMNT applications are on-demand remote videos, video conferencing, online video gaming, content delivery in real-time, and telepresence. The multimedia data such as audio, image, and video are unstructured features. Bulky and unstructured data transmission over tiny devices needs efficient and intelligent network topology. The challenges that need to be focused on in implementing IoMNT are access control techniques, neighbor discovery, addressing schemes, and routing schemes. Recently, deep learning schemes and an intelligent feature extraction mechanism have been developed to classify multimedia data with minimum energy consumption.