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Research Topics in Lightweight Authentication for COAP Protocol

Research Topics in Lightweight Authentication for COAP Protocol

   The CoAP communication is exploited in many resource-limited IoT application scenarios. Unfortunately, most of the CoAP based IoT communication is sensitive, and the CoAP is vulnerable to many security threats owing to the resource-limited nature of IoT devices. Hence, efficient security mechanisms are essential to enable security in an IoT environment.
   The lightweight authentication protocols are highly employed for resource-limited IoT environments. The reason is that lightweight authentication utilizes implicit certificates and keys among the IoT devices to accomplish security. The lightweight authentication protocols assure a sufficient level of security in IoT-based systems by adopting lightweight mechanisms with minimum computational power.
   The lightweight authentication methods require minimum resources to accomplish the targeting security level compared to classical authentication algorithms. The lightweight authentication meets the security requirements of integrity, data confidentiality, and availability. However, the performance of lightweight authentication schemes attains better performance when intelligent attackers are presented in the network.