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Research Topics in IOT Enabling Technologies

Research Topics in IOT Enabling Technologies

Research and Thesis Topics in IOT Enabling Technologies

   The IoT is defined as the network of interconnected physical and virtual worlds through the internet. The IoT enabling technology is a type of architecture that enables the IoT. IoT enabling technologies are wireless sensor networks, cloud computing, big data analytics, communications protocols, security architecture, semantic search engines, embedded systems, web services, and mobile internet. The WSN is a group of tiny sensors, and they monitor the environmental and physical conditions. The WSN enable IoT are weather monitoring, soil moisture monitoring, military surveillance, indoor air quality monitoring, and healthcare monitoring systems. Cloud computing provides data storage in remote locations. Thus, IoT devices can access any resources from anywhere, any device, and any software over the internet. Big data defines a huge amount of data generation in IoT networks from various sources. Data cleaning, munging, processing, and virtualization are the main characteristics of big data analytics. The communication protocols define rules for data communication over the network. The security protocols and architectures enable a secure communication environment for IoT devices. Finally, the embedded system is a group of hardware and software tools in various layers for single data communication.