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Research Topics in IoT Smart Home

Research Topics in IoT Smart Home

Masters and PhD Research Topics in IoT Smart Home

   The IoT smart home is the act of controlling domestic home appliances with the help of the internet. The IoT smart homes comprise efficient heating and lighting system to handle the security of homes. It creates an alarm when unexpected events have occurred. Smart home activities are controlled remotely by using different applications. The smart home exploits the internet-connected technologies among the smart mobile phones, remote sensors, and various home IoT devices.
   The steps for creating a smart home are router setup, router default name changing, password setting, a higher level of encryption, exploitation of strong passwords, separate Wi-Fi settings for each IoT device, do not use feature disabling, and keep the device up-to-date. The smart home offers the following benefits that are monitoring, controlling, low cost, energy preservation, avoiding environmental impact, efficient security, and high comfortability.
   Smart homes connect the devices like smartphones, laptops, door locks, gadgets, thermostats, televisions, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), lights, and other home appliances to the remote server by using the internet. Thus, smart homes permit the users to remotely control the temperature level, turn and off lights, open and close the windows and adjust other activities according to weather conditions.