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Research Topics in IoT Smart Building

Research Topics in IoT Smart Building

Research and Thesis Topics in IoT Smart Building

   IoT smart buildings are simply referred to as the interconnection of various smart buildings that exploit advanced technological systems related to building. The IoT system modifies the classical building operations by enabling automation. It permits the users remotely control the lighting system, electricity, space, assets, and security of the smart building environment.
   The IoT constructs long-term business models for smart buildings and increases efficiency. The IoT in smart buildings utilizes different types of sensors, actuators, smart meters, and appliances to monitor and control every function of the building. Some of the smart building features are automatic door opening, automatic elevators, voice control, and fall detection. The main IoT components of smart building architecture are sensors, analytic software, interfaces, and connectivity.
   Smart building architecture saves energy and prevents costly equipment from sudden failures. It provides streamlined management to the buildings. Albeit the smart building architecture offers numerous advantages, cyber security is a major issue in such a system. The cyber attackers try to launch different crime activities owing to the heterogeneous and resource-limited environment.