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Quality Aspects in Spatial Data Mining

Quality Aspects in Spatial Data Mining

Trending Research Book in Quality Aspects in Spatial Data Mining

Author(s) Name:  Alfred Stein, Wenzhong Shi, Wietske Bijker

About the Book:

   The book introduces Substantial progress has been made toward developing effective techniques for spatial information processing in recent years. This science deals with models of reality in a GIS, however, and not with reality itself. Therefore, spatial information processes are often imprecise, allowing for much interpretation of abstract figures and data. Quality Aspects in Spatial Data Mining introduces practical and theoretical solutions for making sense of the often chaotic and overwhelming amount of concrete data available to researchers.
   In this cohesive collection of peer-reviewed chapters, field authorities present the latest field advancements and cover such essential areas as data acquisition, geoinformation theory, spatial statistics, and dissemination. Each chapter debuts with an editorial preview of each topic from a conceptual, applied, and methodological point of view, making it easier for researchers to judge which information is most beneficial to their work.
   The book advises the use of granular computing as a means of circumventing spatial complexities. This counter-application to traditional computing allows for the calculation of imprecise probabilities – the kind of information that the spatial information systems community wrestles with much of the time.

Table of Contents

  • Granular Computing – Computing with Uncertain, Imprecise, and Partially True Data, Systems Approaches to Spatial Data Quality
  • Querying Vague Spatial Objects in Databases with VASA
  • Assessing the Quality of Data with a Decision Model
  • Semantic Reference Systems Accounting for Uncertainty: A Requirements Analysis
  • Elements of Semantic Mapping Quality: A Theoretical Framework. A Multicriteria Fusion Approach for Geographical Data Matching
  • Geostatistics and Spatial Data Quality for DEMs
  • Effectiveness of High-Resolution LIDAR DSM for Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Flood Modeling in an Urban Area
  • Uncertainty, Vagueness, and Indiscernibility: The Impact of Spatial Scale in Relation to the Landscape Elements
  • A Quality-Aware Approach for the Early Steps of the Integration of Environmental Systems
  • Analyzing and Aggregating Visitor Tracks in a Protected Area
  • A Study on the Impact of Scale-Dependent Factors on the Classification of Landcover Maps
  • ISBN:  9781420069266

    Publisher:  CRC Press

    Year of Publication:  2008

    Book Link:  Home Page Url