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An Incentive Mechanism for Cross-Silo Federated Learning: A Public Goods Perspective - 2021

An Incentive Mechanism For Cross-Silo Federated Learning: A Public Goods Perspective

Research Area:  Machine Learning


In cross-silo federated learning (FL), organizations cooperatively train a global model with their local data. The organizations, however, may be heterogeneous in terms of their valuation on the precision of the trained global model and their training cost. Meanwhile, the computational and communication resources of the organizations are non-excludable public goods. That is, even if an organization does not perform any local training, other organizations cannot prevent that organization from using the outcome of their resources (i.e., the trained global model). To address the organization heterogeneity and the public goods feature, in this paper, we formulate a social welfare maximization problem and propose an incentive mechanism for cross-silo FL. With the proposed mechanism, organizations can achieve not only social welfare maximization but also individual rationality and budget balance. Moreover, we propose a distributed algorithm that enables organizations to maximize the social welfare without knowing the valuation and cost of each other. Our simulations with MNIST dataset show that the proposed algorithm converges faster than a benchmark method. Furthermore, when organizations have higher valuation on precision, the proposed mechanism and algorithm are more beneficial in the sense that the organizations can achieve higher social welfare through participating in cross-silo FL.


Author(s) Name:  Ming Tang; Vincent W.S. Wong

Journal name:  

Conferrence name:  IEEE INFOCOM 2021 - IEEE Conference on Computer Communications

Publisher name:  IEEE

DOI:  10.1109/INFOCOM42981.2021.9488705

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