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Deep learning in the COVID19 epidemic: A deep model for urban traffic revitalization index - 2021

Deep Learning In The Covid19 Epidemic: A Deep Model For Urban Traffic Revitalization Index

Research Paper on Deep Learning In The Covid19 Epidemic: A Deep Model For Urban Traffic Revitalization Index

Research Area:  Machine Learning


The research of traffic revitalization index can provide support for the formulation and adjustment of policies related to urban management, epidemic prevention and resumption of work and production. This paper proposes a deep model for the prediction of urban Traffic Revitalization Index (DeepTRI). The DeepTRI builds model for the data of COVID-19 epidemic and traffic revitalization index for major cities in China. The location information of 29 cities forms the topological structure of graph. The Spatial Convolution Layer proposed in this paper captures the spatial correlation features of the graph structure. The special Graph Data Fusion module distributes and fuses the two kinds of data according to different proportions to increase the trend of spatial correlation of the data. In order to reduce the complexity of the computational process, the Temporal Convolution Layer replaces the gated recursive mechanism of the traditional recurrent neural network with a multi-level residual structure. It uses the dilated convolution whose dilation factor changes according to convex function to control the dynamic change of the receptive field and uses causal convolution to fully mine the historical information of the data to optimize the ability of long-term prediction. The comparative experiments among DeepTRI and three baselines (traditional recurrent neural network, ordinary spatial–temporal model and graph spatial–temporal model) show the advantages of DeepTRI in the evaluation index and resolving two under-fitting problems (under-fitting of edge values and under-fitting of local peaks).

Deep Learning
Urban Traffic Revitalization Index

Author(s) Name:  Zhiqiang Lv,Jianbo Li,Chuanhao Dong,Haoran Li,Zhihao Xu

Journal name:  Data & Knowledge Engineering

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  Elsevier

DOI:  10.1016/j.datak.2021.101912

Volume Information:   Volume 135, September 2021, 101912