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Deep learning intervention for health care challenges: some biomedical domain considerations - 2019

Research Area:  Machine Learning


The use of deep learning (DL) for the analysis and diagnosis of biomedical and health care problems has received unprecedented attention in the last decade. The technique has recorded a number of achievements for unearthing meaningful features and accomplishing tasks that were hitherto difficult to solve by other methods and human experts. Currently, biological and medical devices, treatment, and applications are capable of generating large volumes of data in the form of images, sounds, text, graphs, and signals creating the concept of big data. The innovation of DL is a developing trend in the wake of big data for data representation and analysis. DL is a type of machine learning algorithm that has deeper (or more) hidden layers of similar function cascaded into the network and has the capability to make meaning from medical big data. Current transformation drivers to achieve personalized health care delivery will be possible with the use of mobile health (mHealth). DL can provide the analysis for the deluge of data generated from mHealth apps. This paper reviews the fundamentals of DL methods and presents a general view of the trends in DL by capturing literature from PubMed and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers database publications that implement different variants of DL. We highlight the implementation of DL in health care, which we categorize into biological system, electronic health record, medical image, and physiological signals. In addition, we discuss some inherent challenges of DL affecting biomedical and health domain, as well as prospective research directions that focus on improving health management by promoting the application of physiological signals and modern internet technology.

Author(s) Name:  Igbe Tobore ;Jingzhen Li; Liu Yuhang ;Yousef Al-Handarish ;Abhishek Kandwal ;Zedong Nie ; Lei Wang

Journal name:  JMIR mHealth and uHealth

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  JMIR

DOI:  10.2196/11966

Volume Information:  Volume 2019