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Aspect-Aware Response Generation for Multimodal Dialogue System - 2021

Aspect-Aware Response Generation For Multimodal Dialogue System

Research Area:  Machine Learning


Multimodality in dialogue systems has opened up new frontiers for the creation of robust conversational agents. Any multimodal system aims at bridging the gap between language and vision by leveraging diverse and often complementary information from image, audio, and video, as well as text. For every task-oriented dialog system, different aspects of the product or service are crucial for satisfying the users demands. Based upon the aspect, the user decides upon selecting the product or service. The ability to generate responses with the specified aspects in a goal-oriented dialogue setup facilitates user satisfaction by fulfilling the users goals. Therefore, in our current work, we propose the task of aspect controlled response generation in a multimodal task-oriented dialog system. We employ a multimodal hierarchical memory network for generating responses that utilize information from both text and images. As there was no readily available data for building such multimodal systems, we create a Multi-Domain Multi-Modal Dialog (MDMMD++) dataset. The dataset comprises the conversations having both text and images belonging to the four different domains, such as hotels, restaurants, electronics, and furniture. Quantitative and qualitative analysis on the newly created MDMMD++ dataset shows that the proposed methodology outperforms the baseline models for the proposed task of aspect controlled response generation.


Author(s) Name:  Mauajama Firdaus,Nidhi Thakur,Asif Ekbal A

Journal name:   ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  ACM

DOI:  10.1145/3430752

Volume Information:  Volume 12Issue 2April 2021 Article No.: 15pp 1–33