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Cognitive Big Data Intelligence with a Metaheuristic Approach - Research Book

Cognitive Big Data Intelligence with a Metaheuristic Approach - Research Book

Latest Research Book in Cognitive Big Data Intelligence with a Metaheuristic Approach

Author(s) Name:  Sushruta Mishra, Hrudaya Tripathy, Pradeep Mallick, Arun Sangaiah, Gyoo-Soo Chae

About the Book:

   Cognitive Big Data Intelligence with a Metaheuristic Approach presents an exact and compact organization of content relating to the latest metaheuristics methodologies based on new challenging big data application domains and cognitive computing. The combined model of cognitive big data intelligence with metaheuristics methods can be used to analyze emerging patterns, spot business opportunities, and take care of critical process-centric issues in real-time. Various real-time case studies and implemented works are discussed in this book for better understanding and additional clarity. This book presents an essential platform for the use of cognitive technology in the field of Data Science. It covers metaheuristic methodologies that can be successful in a wide variety of problem settings in big data frameworks.

Key Features

  • Provides a unique opportunity to present the work on the state-of-the-art of metaheuristics approach in the area of big data processing developing automated and intelligent models
  • Explains different, feasible applications and case studies where cognitive computing can be successfully implemented in big data analytics using metaheuristics algorithms
  • Provides a snapshot of the latest advances in the contribution of metaheuristics frameworks in cognitive big data applications to solve optimization problems

  • Table of Contents

  • Cognitive Computing fundamentals like perception, memory, reasoning, emotion, and problem solving
  • Cognitive Computing techniques using artificial intelligence, pattern and speech recognition, and natural language processing
  • Cognitive approaches within data mining and machine learning techniques
  • Big Data Infrastructure for Cognition and Distributed Data Centers for Cognition
  • Meta heuristics in classification, clustering and frequent pattern mining problems
  • Nature-inspired computing and Optimization algorithms
  • Meta heuristics and swarm intelligence approach
  • Use of Computational intelligence and Intelligent computing approaches in engineering domains
  • Big Data, Clouds and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Dimensionality reduction models with Meta heuristics
  • Neuro-evolutionary and fuzzy models in big data and cognitive analytics
  • Innovative methods for cognitive business big data analytics
  • Cognitive techniques for mining unstructured, spatial-temporal, streaming and multimedia data
  • Data-driven large scale optimization architectures
  • Ensemble learning with Meta heuristics optimization
  • Applications in Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain Management
  • Cognitive Sensor-Networks applications
  • Algorithm development for big data analysis in E-health and Telemedicine
  • Biomedical Image Processing and Big Data Applications
  • Data Applications of Cognitive Communication
  • Intelligent distributed applications in e-commerce
  • Applications in Economics and Finance
  • Applications in Aeronautics
  • Applications in financial analysis
  • Applications in Cyber security and Intelligence
  • Applications in Traffic Optimization
  • Applications in routing of energy efficient communication networks
  • Other Miscellaneous applications
  • ISBN:  9780323851176

    Publisher:  Elsevier

    Year of Publication:  2021

    Book Link:  Home Page Url