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PhD Computer Science in Dalhousie University - Halifax - Canada

Dalhousie University - Halifax - Canada

About Dalhousie University

  Dalhousie University is the largest public research institution in Nova Scotia, Canada, and was founded in 1818. Dalhousie University is a part of the U15, a group of research-intensive universities in Canada. Dalhousie University offers more than 4,000 courses, 200 degree programs in 13 undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels, more than 90 Masters-s degrees, and more than 40 Doctoral degree programs. Dalhousie University is rated as one of Canada-s leading universities and has been appreciated internationally for its research and teaching.
  Dalhousie University is one of Canada-s oldest and most reputable institutions. Dalhousie University is in the 308th position globally and 12th position among Canadian universities, according to QS World University Ranking.
  Dalhousie University delivers a variety of academic programs in areas of study such as science, commerce, arts and humanities, engineering, nursing, medicine, dentistry, business administration, education, and law. Dalhousie University sponsored more than $214 million in research funding annually.
  Dalhousie University is considered a vibrant center with regional, national and global impact, perceived for its excellent research and innovation quality.

Address & Website of Dalhousie University

Address:  6299 South St, Halifax, NS B3H 4R2, Canada

Phone:   +1 902-494-2211



University Type:  Public university

Computer Science Courses Offered by Dalhousie University


 •  Bachelor of Computer Science
 •  Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours)
 •  Master of Computer Science 
 •  Ph.D. in Computer Science
 •  Bachelor of Computer Science and Mathematics
 •  Bachelor of Computer Science and Mathematics (Honours)
 •  Master of Computer Science and Mathematics
 •  Ph.D. in Computer Science and Mathematics
 •  Bachelor of Software Engineering
 •  Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours)
 •  Master of Software Engineering
 •  Ph.D. in Software Engineering 
 •  Bachelor of Data Science
 •  Bachelor of Data Science (Honours)
 •  Master of Data Science
 •  Ph.D. in Data Science
 •  Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence
 •  Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence (Honours)
 •  Master of Artificial Intelligence
 •  Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence 
 •  Bachelor of Information Systems
 •  Bachelor of Information Systems (Honours)
 •  Master of Information Systems
 •  Ph.D. in Information Systems

Computer Science Research Areas - Dalhousie University


Dalhousie University is home to vibrant computer science research making it a great place to investigate the latest developments in the field.
  •  Big Data Analytics
  •  Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  •   Human-Computer Interaction
  •  Visualization & Graphics
  •  Systems 
  •  Algorithms & Bioinformatics
  •  Computer Science Education

Research Topics in Computer Science Research - Dalhousie University

Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning:
  •  Artificial Intelligence
  •  Text data
  •  Data mining
  •  Knowledge management
  •  Natural language processing
  •  Deep learning

 Human-Computer Interaction, Visualization & Graphics:
  •  Persuasive computing  
  •  Mobile, embodied, and ubiquitous interaction
  •  Text visualization and visual analytics
  •  Augmented and virtual reality
  •  Game-related technologies
  •  Computer graphics and image processing
  •  Information-seeking and sensemaking 
  •  E-learning
  •  Usable privacy and security
  •  Serious games and gamification

  •  Network and information security
  •  Network and traffic analysis
  •  Insider threat analysis
  •  Predictive and machine learning algorithms for security
  •  Cyber-physical systems
  •  Internet of Things
  •  Emerging wireless technologies
  •  Data privacy
  •  Blockchain
  •  High-performance computing
  •  Distributed systems
  •  Cloud computing
  •  Software engineering

Algorithms & Bioinformatics:
  •  Graph algorithms
  •  Computational geometry
  •  Parallel algorithms
  •  Algorithms for large data sets
  •  Metagenomics and the human microbiome
  •  Modeling and simulation of proteins
  •  Genomic epidemiology tools
  •  Phylogenetic methods

Computer Science Education:
  •  Theories of learning introductory programming and computational thinking skills
  •  Data mining and analytic approaches to improve teaching and learning
  •  Underrepresented student experiences in computing programs
  •  Innovative use of instructional systems and technologies
  •  Theory-driven designs and evidence-based practices in introductory computer science

Computer Science Research Labs with Specialization - Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University Halifax initiates several computer science research labs and groups making significant contributions to the field.
  •  Institute for Big Data Analytics
  •  ShiftKey Labs
  •  DeepSense
  •  Big Data Systems Lab (BDSL)
  •  Dalhousie Artificial Intelligence Institute
  •  Dalhousie Centre for Computational and Data Sciences (DCDS)
  •  Dalhousie Computer Graphics Lab 
  •  Dalhousie Multimedia and Networking Laboratories (DMNL)
  •  Dalhousie Wireless Networks Group (WiNG)
  •  Digital Humanities Research Group
  •  Human-Computer Interaction Research Group
  •  Image Analysis Group
  •  Informatics Research Group
  •  Language Technologies Lab (LTL)
  •  Mobile and Wearable Computing Group
  •  Network Security Lab (NSL)
  •  Networking and Cloud Computing Group
  •  Robotics, Automation, and Mechatronics Systems (RAMS) Lab
  •  Security and Privacy Group
  •  Software Engineering Group
  •  Text Technologies Lab (TTL)
  •  Visualization and Data Analysis Lab (VDAL)
  •  Web Science Research Group

Scholarship Programs and Funded Projects for Computer Science - Dalhousie University

  •  NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships – Doctoral Program 
  •  Faculty of Computer Science Graduate Scholarship
  •  Dalhousie Graduate Scholarships 
  •  Dalhousie University Graduate Fellowships 
  •  SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships 
  •  NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarships 
  •  NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships – Master-s Program 
  •  Dalhousie Graduate International Awards 
  •  Killam Doctoral Scholarships 
  •  Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarships in Science and Technology

Funded research projects at Dalhousie University are

  •  Automated Analysis and Optimization of Big Data Streams
  •  Automating and Scalable Big Data Mining
  •  SmartCity: Predictive Modeling of Human Mobility
  •  Developing a Resource-Efficient Machine Learning Platform
  •  Smart Health: Enabling Secure and Scalable Electronic Health Records
  •  Automated Multi-Agent Interaction for Autonomous Robotics
  •  Automated Speech Recognition
  •  Real-Time Monitoring of Ocean Resources

PhD Admission Procedure for Computer Science -Dalhousie University

Admission Requirements for Ph.D. computer science at Dalhousie University are
  •  A Bachelor-s degree in Computer Science or a related area with a minimum average of 70%
  •  The GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is necessary for all applicants
  •  Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions pursued must be submitted
  •  Two letters of reference from academic or professional sources are required
  •  A statement of research interests and goals is required
  •  Applicants are recommended to submit a writing sample of a published paper or conference paper
  •  International applicants must attend English language proficiency by submitting an IELTS or TOEFL score

List of PhD Supervisors:
  Ph.D Supervisors in Dalhousie University