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Top Computer Science Universities in Canada with Scholarships

Top Universities for PhD in Computer Science in Canada

Top Computer Science Universities in Canada with Scholarships

  • In recent times, all digital and scientific technology sectors need computerized support. With a broader scope in computer science technology, PhD in computer science possesses high intense opportunities.

  • PhD in Computer Science program offers high qualified education to expand underlying knowledge and high technological modernization in computer science technology via research and development and the requisite of organization of higher learning.

  • Canada is popular for its multinational environment and affordable costs of education. World-renowned universities with a wide range of degree programs in computer science and allied specializations are located in Canada.

  • PhD in computer science from Canada provides the effective facilities to work with dominant experts and bring benefits for modern high-tech possibilities.

  • PhD from Canadian universities is the better choice among leading country universities, as Canadian education institution offers many opportunities for research scholars in computer science.

  • Key research areas of PhD computer science in Canada include artificial intelligence, computer graphics, computer vision, data science, distributed computing, health informatics, information visualization, network design, etc. <

  • Canadian universities offer additional educational support to PhD students in computer science through scholarships, fellowships and grants for international students, integrated funding, research assistantships, post admission assistance, award scholarships, and other candidate scholarships.

  • The top international universities in Canada for PhD computer science, based on their reputation and research scopes, are listed below:

Best Computer Science Schools and Universities for PhD Admission in Canada 2022