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PhD Computer Science in McMaster University - Hamilton - Canada

McMaster University - Hamilton - Canada

About McMaster University

  McMaster University is a publicly-owned research institution in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, established in 1887. McMaster University comprises six academic faculties, including the DeGroote School of Business, Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, Social Science, and Science. McMaster University is a part of the U15, a group of research-intensive universities in Canada. McMaster University is one of the prominent universities in Canada and serves as the hub of over 70 research centers and institutions. McMaster University gains the Global Teaching Excellence Award from the Higher Education Academy owing to its experiential learning and global commitment. McMaster University is constantly ranked among the top universities in Canada by the QS and THE rankings. McMaster University is among the few Canadian universities to rank under the top 200 globally by global ranking organizations. McMaster University offers courses in multiple streams and specializations in PG and UG programs. McMaster University works towards the discovery, communication, and preservation of knowledge. McMaster University is dedicated to creativity, innovation, and excellence in teaching, research, and scholarship.

Address & Website of McMaster University

Address:  1280 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8S 4L8, Canada

Phone:  +1 905-525-9140



University Type:  Pulic University

Computer Science Courses Offered by McMaster University

 •  Computer Science
 •  Algorithms and Data Structures
 •  Software Engineering
 •  Operating Systems
 •  Theory of Computation
 •  Computational Geometry
 •  Machine Learning
 •  Computer Graphics
 •  Database
 •  Computer Networks
 •  Computer Security
 •  Computer Vision

 •  Advanced Programming
 •  Advanced Operating Systems
 •  Computer Networks
 •  Artificial Intelligence
 •  Distributed Computing
 •  Computer Security
 •  Computer Graphics
 •  Computational Geometry
 •  Machine Learning
 •  Mobile Computing
 •  NLP
 •  Software Engineering
 •  VLSI Design
 •  Computer Vision

 •  Algorithms
and Optimization
 •  Artificial Intelligence
 •  Computer and Network Security
 •  Computer Graphics
 •  Computer Networks
 •  Database

Computer Science Research Areas - McMaster University


McMaster University Hamilton works on several leading computer science research areas such as;
  •  Algorithms and Complexity
  •  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  •  Computer Systems and Architecture
  •  Software Engineering
  •  Computational Science
  •  Computer Graphics and Multimedia

Research Topics in Computer Science Research - McMaster University

Algorithms and Complexity:
  •  Approximation algorithms
  •  Computational geometry
  •  Computational complexity
  •  Cryptography 
  •  Graph algorithms
  •  Online algorithms
  •  Randomized algorithms
  •  Algorithmic game theory

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:
  •  Natural language processing
  •  Deep learning
  •  Knowledge representation
  •  Autonomous agents
  •  Computer vision
  •  Robotic motion planning
  •  Neural networks

Computer Systems and Architecture:
  •  Operating systems
  •  Cloud computing
  •  Distributed systems
  •  Security
  •  Parallel computing
  •  Computer architecture
  •  Storage systems

Software Engineering:
  •  Software verification and validation
  •  Software testing
  •  Software maintenance
  •  Requirements engineering
  •  Software architecture
  •  Model-driven engineering

Computational Science:
  •  High Performance Computing
  •  Scientific Computing
  •  Data Mining

     Computer Graphics and Multimedia:
  •  Virtual and Augmented Reality
  •  Multimedia and Graphics Systems
  •  Computer Animation

Computer Science Research Labs with Specialization - McMaster University

McMaster University Hamilton in Canada is central to several computer science research labs and groups actively engaged in the latest innovations in the field.
  •  McMaster Artificial Intelligence Research Lab (MAIRL)
  •  Multimedia and Social Networking Lab (MSNL)
  •  Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCI)
  •  Advanced Networking and Security Laboratory (ANSL)
  •  Center for Software Certification (CSC)
  •  McMaster Autonomous Robotics Lab (MARL)
  •  Robotics and Autonomous Systems Lab (RASL)
  •  Cognitive Science Lab (CSL)
  •  Machine Learning Lab (MLL)
  •  Software Engineering Research Group (SERG)

Scholarship Programs and Funded Projects for Computer Science - McMaster University

  •  The William J. McCallion Fellowship for Graduate Studies in Computer Science
  •  The Ontario Graduate Scholarship in Computer Science
  •  The Microsoft Research Ph.D. Fellowship
  •  The Google Ph.D. Fellowship Program
  •  The Intel Research Award
  •  The IBM Research Award
  •  The Hewlett-Packard Research Award
  •  The Oracle Research Award
  •  The Cisco Research Award
  •  The Canadian Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Graduate Scholarship
  •  The NSERC Graduate Scholarship
  •  The International Graduate Scholarship in Computer Science
  •  The NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computer Science
  •  The Canadian Research Chairs in Computer Science
  •  The Canadian Institutes of Health Research Doctoral Research Award
  •  The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Postdoctoral Fellowship
  •  The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
  •  The SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships
  •  The Ontario Graduate Scholarship in Computer Science
  •  The H.D.Sc. Graduate Fellowship in Computer Science

Funded projects in computer science at McMaster University are

  •  McMaster University Advanced Networking eXperiment (MUNANEX)
  •  McMaster University Autonomous System (MUSAS)
  •  McMaster University Artificial Intelligence (MUAIS)
  •  McMaster University Advanced Interaction System (MUAINTS)
  •  McMaster University Natural Language Processing (MUNLP)
  •  McMaster University Machine Learning (MUMLEARN)
  •  McMaster University Computer Vision (MUVISION)
  •  McMaster University Data Analytics (MUDATA)
  •  McMaster University Robotics (MUROBOT)
  •  McMaster University Security and Cryptography (MUSEC)

PhD Admission Procedure for Computer Science -McMaster University

  •  Admission to the Computer Science courses at McMaster University Hamilton in Canada is highly competitive. To be eligible for admission, applicants must hold a Bachelor-s degree in Computer Science from a recognized university with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.30.
  •  Applicants are recommended to have some research experience, either through thesis works or research experience in Computer Science.
  •  The application procedure for admission to the Ph.D. study in Computer Science program at McMaster University involves the submission of a written application, along with the following documents:
  •  A completed application form
  •  Official transcripts for all previous studies
  •  A research proposal
  •  Three letters of reference from academic referees
  •  A statement of purpose
  •  A copy of any published or accepted manuscripts
  •  A writing sample
  •  A Resume
  •  After the application is received, the departmental faculty will review the application materials and invite the applicant for an interview; based on all these considerations; admission will be made.

List of PhD Supervisors:
  Ph.D Supervisors in McMaster University