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How to use static command tags in CloudSim?

  • CloudSimTags class contains many static command tags which denotes the type of actions need to be performed by CloudSim entities when they receive or send events. Some of the CloudSimTags are:

Public static final int ABRUPT_END_OF_SIMULATION//Denotes an sudden or abrupt end of simulationUsed as: CloudSimTags. ABRUPT_END_OF_SIMULATION

Public static final int CLOUDLET_CANCEL//Cancels a Cloudlet submitted in the Cloud Resource entity.Used as: CloudSimTags. CLOUDLET_CANCEL

Public static final int CLOUDLET_STATUS//Denotes the status of a cloudlet.Used as: CloudSimTags. CLOUDLET_STATUS

Public static final int CLOULET_MOVE// Tag moves a cloudlet to another cloud resource entity.
Used as: CloudSimTags. CLOULET_MOVE

Public static final int VM_CREATE// Tag represents a request to create a new VM in a Datacentre with acknowledgement information sent by the Datacentre.Used as: CloudSimTags. VM_CREATE