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What is Fog Computing?

What is Fog Computing?

  Cloud computing offers services at the infrastructure level that can scale to IoT storage and processing requirements. There are a number of applications it needs low latency, and delay that is caused by transferring data to the cloud and then back to the application can seriously impact their performances. To overcome this limitation, Fog computing paradigm has been proposed, where cloud services are extended to the edge of the network to decrease the latency and network congestion.

What is iFogSim?

  It is an evaluation platform used to enable the measurement of performance of resource management policies on an IoT or Fog computing infrastructure in a repeatable manner and to model IoT and Fog environments and measure the impact of resource management techniques in latency, network congestion, energy consumption, and cost.

What is a tuple in iFogSim?

  Tuples are represented as instances of tuple class in iFogSim, which is inherited from the Cloudlet class of CloudSim. A tuple is characterized by its type and the source and destination application modules.