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Heterogeneous Wireless Networks QoE Framework

Heterogeneous Wireless Networks QoE Framework

Great PhD Thesis on Heterogeneous Wireless Networks QoE Framework

Research Area:  Wireless Sensor Networks


   With the appearance of small cells and the move of mobile networks towards an all-IP 4G network, the convergence of these with Wi-Fi becomes a possibility which at the same time opens the path to achieve what will become 5G connectivity. This thesis describes the evolution of the different mainstream wireless technologies deployed around the world and how they can interact, and provides tools to use this convergence to achieve the foreseen requirements expected in a 5G environment and the ideal user experience.
   Within these topics a contribution was made to improve the current status by analysing the unaddressed issues and coming up with potential improvements that were tested in trials or lab environment. The main contributions from the study have been: 1. A patent in the wireless security domain that reuses the fact that overlapping coverage is and will be available and protects against man in the middle attacks
   This thesis demonstrates some of the improvements required in current wireless networks to evolve towards 5G and achieve the coverage, service, user experience, latency and security requirements expected from the next generation mobile technology.

Name of the Researcher:  Xavier Jover Segura

Name of the Supervisor(s):  Kai Kit Wong

Year of Completion:  2016

University:  University College London

Thesis Link:   Home Page Url