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Latest Research Papers in Wireless Sensor Networks

Latest Research Papers in Wireless Sensor Networks

Trending Wireless Sensor Networks Research Papers

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) allow for innovative and attractive solutions and pervasive environmental monitoring by providing many important benefits, such as real-time access to data, coverage of wide areas, long-term monitoring, and system scalability. These networks consist of a large number of distributed devices, including sensing, processing, and wireless communications capabilities, and their uses have greatly improved remote environmental sensing, monitoring of several physical systems, and risk assessment and management. WSNs are a crucial issue in network design that affects the most important performance metrics like increasing coverage, strengthening connectivity, and robustness.

WSNs are the connectivity among different nodes and systems with the advent of 5G technology. WSNs have momentous potential diverse applications in education services, agriculture, surveillance, environmental science, medical sciences, telecommunications, and military services. Some challenges in such WSNs include high bandwidth demand, high energy consumption, quality of service (QoS) provisioning, etc.

List of Latest Research Papers Topics in Wireless Sensor Networks