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Wireless Sensor Networks: Signal Processing and Communications

Author(s) Name:  Ananthram Swami, Qing Zhao, Yao-Win Hong, Lang Tong

About the Book:

   A wireless sensor network (WSN) uses a number of autonomous devices to cooperatively monitor physical or environmental conditions via a wireless network. Since its military beginnings as a means of battlefield surveillance, practical use of this technology has extended to a range of civilian applications including environmental monitoring, natural disaster prediction and relief, health monitoring and fire detection. Technological advancements, coupled with lowering costs, suggest that wireless sensor networks will have a significant impact on 21st century life.
   The design of wireless sensor networks requires consideration for several disciplines such as distributed signal processing, communications and cross-layer design. Wireless Sensor Networks: Signal Processing and Communications focuses on the theoretical aspects of wireless sensor networks and offers readers signal processing and communication perspectives on the design of large-scale networks. It explains state-of-the-art design theories and techniques to readers and places emphasis on the fundamental properties of large-scale sensor networks.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction.
  • Information-theoretic Bounds on Sensor Network Performance
  • In-Network Information Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • The Sensing Capacity of Sensor Networks
  • Law of Sensor Network Lifetime and Its Applications
  • Detection in Sensor Networks.
  • Distributed Estimation Under Bandwidth and Energy Constraints
  • Distributed Learning in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Graphical Models and Fusion in Sensor Networks
  • Randomized Cooperative Transmission in Large-Scale Sensor Networks
  • Application Dependent Shortest Path Routing in Ad-Hoc Sensor Networks
  • Data-Centric and Cooperative MAC Protocols for Sensor Networks
  • Game Theoretic Activation and Transmission Scheduling in Unattended Ground Sensor Networks: A Correlated Equilibrium Approach
  • ISBN:  9780470035573

    Publisher:  John Wiley & Sons

    Year of Publication:  2007

    Book Link:  Home Page Url