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Blockchain Security in Cloud Computing

Blockchain Security in Cloud Computing

Latest Research Book in Blockchain Security in Cloud Computing

Author(s) Name:  K.M. Baalamurugan, S. Rakesh Kumar, Abhishek Kumar, Vishal Kumar, Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban

About the Book:

   This book explores the concepts and techniques of cloud security using blockchain. Also discussed is the possibility of applying blockchain to provide security in various domains. The authors discuss how blockchain holds the potential to significantly increase data privacy and security while boosting accuracy and integrity in cloud data.
   The specific highlight of this book is focused on the application of integrated technologies in enhancing cloud security models, use cases, and its challenges. The contributors, both from academia and industry, present their technical evaluation and comparison with existing technologies. This book pertains to IT professionals, researchers, and academicians towards fourth revolution technologies.

Table of Contents

  • Blockchain Security
  • Significance of Blockchain Technologies in Industry
  • Review of Blockchain Forensics Challenges
  • Distributed Computing in Blockchain Technology
  • Review of Cryptocurrencies Implementations in the Cloud Environment: Ethereum in the Cloud
  • Blockchain: Structure, Uses, and Applications in IoT
  • Securing IoT Communications Using Blockchain Technology
  • A Real-Time Monitoring Tool for Analyzing Ethereum Digital Currency in Global Business Transaction
  • Blockchain-Powered Healthcare Information Exchange Systems to Support Various Stakeholders
  • The Future of Cloud Computing: Blockchain-Based Decentralized Cloud/Fog Solutions – Challenges, Opportunities, and Standards
  • Blockchain Technology: A Boon at the Pandemic Times – A Solution for Global Economy Upliftment with AI and IoT
  • Securing Healthcare Information Using Blockchain Technology: A Deep Insight
  • Decentralized Healthcare Management System Using Blockchain to Secure Sensitive Medical Data for Users
  • Imminent Threat with Authentication Methods for AI Data Using Blockchain Security
  • ISBN:  978-3-030-70501-5

    Publisher:  Springer

    Year of Publication:  2021

    Book Link:  Home Page Url